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Live online seminar couple photography | February 27, 2023

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Would you like to get better at couple photography and prepare for upcoming shoots? Then this online seminar is just right for you. In this seminar you will learn everything that is important to us in a couple shoot in order to capture authentic and lively moments.

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Wir bringen dir jeden Schritt live und persönlich bei. Diese interaktive Lernerfahrung wird dich begeistern. Du kannst Fragen stellen, wirst Feedback erhalten und von den Fragen anderer Teilnehmer profitieren.
Lass dich persönlich mitreißen und profitiere von dem Spirit live dabei zu sein!

Unsere Live Online Seminare sind immer auf dem neuesten Stand, da wir uns ständig weiterbilden und technische Veränderungen berücksichtigen. Das bedeutet für dich, dass du topaktuelles Wissen erhältst, das du direkt in die Praxis umsetzen kannst. Du bist Teil einer Community, die sich gegenseitig unterstützt und motiviert.

Wir verstehen, dass es manchmal schwierig sein kann, an einem Live-Termin teilzunehmen. Deshalb zeichnen wir jedes Online Seminar auf und stellen dir die Aufzeichnung für 6 Wochen per Streaming zur Verfügung, damit du sie dir in deinem eigenen Tempo ansehen kannst.


Wir nehmen dich mit in ein Online Seminar voller Wissen, Spaß, neuen Erkenntnissen und einer Portion Motivation, um endlich durchzustarten. Wir werden dir das notwendige Wissen vermitteln, damit du das Erlernte eigenständig umzusetzen kannst.

Keine Sorge, wir lassen dich nicht im Stich, wie es bei einem reinen Videotraining der Fall wäre! Stell dir vor, du bist motiviert, das neue Wissen anzuwenden, aber dann hast du plötzlich einen Blackout. Die Umsetzung einzelner Abläufe zeigt noch nicht den gewünschten Erfolg und du stehst vor individuellen Herausforderung und weisst nicht das neu erlange Wissen umzusetzen?

Sei dir sicher, wir wissen, dass das Gezeigte oft einfacher aussieht als es ist und deshalb sind wir für dich da. Schreib uns einfach in die WhatsApp-Gruppe und wir helfen dir weiter. Jeder Teilnehmer wird von deiner Frage profitieren und gemeinsam werden wir die Herausforderung meistern.

improve your skills

What's waiting for you

Experience a virtual wedding reportage with us! With the help of our pictures we explain in detail how our wedding reports are created! For us there is nothing more beautiful than capturing real emotions in authentic and lively pictures.

We have been wedding photographers for over 13 years and have been able to accompany so many weddings that we have experienced and seen everything. We would like to share all these experiences with you. In 3 hours we created an exciting summary and play through a complete wedding day accompanied by many pictures from our reports, so that you can start making your reports even better full of motivation and lots of new experiences.

Content Online Seminar Wedding Reports

You can look forward to that!


So that you can prepare perfectly for your wedding reportage , it is important to discuss everything in detail with the bridal couple in advance. In this seminar we repeatedly go into important components that are important in the preliminary discussion . In addition, we also deal with the communication during a wedding and not only with the bridal couple, but also with other service providers.


A wedding report should not consist of a highlight gallery , but should tell a story in pictures. In this seminar you will find out exactly how something like this should look and which photos ensure that a story becomes more tangible. Of course we show you many comprehensible pictures from different weddings on this topic.

Intervene in the day?

Basically it's a fine line, because on the one hand you should attract as little attention as possible as a wedding photographer and on the other hand you want everything to be perfectly staged. We will examine our point of view in detail and thus give you perhaps more clarity and security at your next or maybe your first wedding.

Be more than "just" a photographer

We see ourselves not only as a pure service provider , but also maintain a very friendly relationship with our bridal couples. This means that we don't just take pictures at a wedding, but also always look left and right and are always ready to help . In this seminar we will discuss what else is included for us.

time management

Very exciting topic! For example, you should know how long you need for certain things, be it the couple shoot or the detailed photography when getting ready. Without good time management you can work up a sweat but also influence the course of a wedding . We share valuable experiences and procedures with you so that your next wedding can be relaxed.

The report

Every wedding has a similar framework and we go through each part of the day. Starting with getting ready up to the party . Of course, we also go through all common forms of marriage and talk about the couple shooting as well as group photos . The aim is that we play through a complete day with all its stations.


Again and again we are asked what we photograph with and which lenses and flash systems we use at weddings. Of course, we also discuss when and where we use which equipment and how we flash at the party. You are also welcome to ask us live questions on this topic.


As well as one prepares for a wedding day, the weather always makes its plan without you. The art you have to master is to take great photos even in bad weather . We explain how we react to bad weather and how you can still create great photos.

What do our couples get?

We are also asked this question very often. To be more precise, how many pictures do we release, are there prints or online galleries etc. In this live seminar you will get a full insight into what our bridal couples get and to what extent. As a rule, other participants also share their scope, which is always a great added value.

Do you have any questions?

Q&A round

Of course you can ask questions via chat during the seminar, but depending on how many questions are asked and the scope of the answer, we will take the time again towards the end of the seminar to answer all open questions in detail. Here you also have the opportunity to address your open questions .

You weren't there live?

Don't worry, you can always send us your question afterwards by e-mail or in the workshop Facebook group .

After the online seminar


Since every online seminar is recorded for you, you don't necessarily have to be there live. You can also book the online seminar and will automatically receive a link for the recording the following day. Of course, this includes all questions and answers that will be asked during the live event. This is then available for 6 weeks via streaming (no download). This is a live online seminar and not video training. You will receive the recording the following day by email, which can be accessed via a separate link.

I want to be there!

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Details of the online seminar

March 15, 2023
Duration approx. 3 hours from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m

The online seminar will be recorded for you. The recording will be sent to all participants the following day and can be accessed as a stream for 6 weeks.

– MacBook / Laptop / PC
– Current web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox)
– Good mood and your questions for us!

Would you like to be able to do that too?


Benefit from more than a decade of experience in the field of wedding photography . From this concentrated knowledge we have put together a 3-hour live seminar in which we play through a complete wedding day chronologically. We will provide you with a mix of empirical values ​​and lots of practical tips and tricks . Ask us your questions live and look forward to an interactive evening with lots of input and motivation .

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Du bekommst am Folgetag die Aufzeichnung von uns zugeschickt. Diese kannst du dir 6 Wochen lang als Stream anschauen.

Q&A Runde

Du hast am Ende des Online Seminars noch Fragen oder etwas ist noch unklar? Im Q&A Teil beantworten wir all deine noch offenen Fragen! 


Jedes unserer Online Seminar ist natürlich live! Keine Sorge, du brauchst hierfür keine Kamera oder Mikrofon, dafür haben wir den Chat!

Your most frequently asked questions


Is the online seminar suitable for me?

In general, our online seminars are suitable for everyone, whether beginner or advanced . Beginners can start right after the seminar and implement everything. Advanced users always have great new approaches to optimize the existing workflow and work process.

What technical requirements do I need?

All you need is a laptop/MacBook/PC and a stable internet connection . You don't need a microphone or camera, we only communicate with each other via chat . It is not necessary to register for a video conference program. You need a common browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox , preferably a current version.

Until when can I register?

You can register until shortly before the start . Please note that for short-term bookings, payment should be made via Paypal or credit card so that you receive your access data directly. If you pay by bank transfer , you will receive the link to the recording by email after receipt of payment. Please note that we check bank transactions once a day. If you have booked at short notice , you can also email us your transfer receipt to team@kathiundchris.de .

How do I get my access data?

After a successful order, you will receive a PDF with your personal access link , which you can use to log into the online seminar. Please contact us by email at least 24 hours before the start if you have not received a link.

What do I do if I haven't received my access data?

If you did not receive a confirmation after paying via PayPal, it may be because the connection between PayPal and the shop was broken . We then received your order, but your PayPal account was not debited. Please check this. You can then send us the amount manually to hello@kathiundchris.de via PayPal, stating your order number. Then we release your order.

If you have any other problem with your order, you can email us at team@kathiundchris.de before the start of the online seminar.

Do I have to be live all the time?

You don't have to be there live. Of course you can book the online seminar and watch the recording afterwards at your leisure. You can get in and out at any time during the seminar via your personal access link.

When do I get the recording?

If you have booked the online seminar, you will automatically receive a link to the recording by email on the day after the online seminar. It doesn't matter if you participated live or not. The recording is then available to you as a stream (no download) for 6 weeks . Please note that after 6 weeks the recording is no longer available.

Where can I find my previous recordings?

If you have deleted e-mails with the recordings , you can send us an e-mail at any time to team@kathiundchris.de with your order number. We will then send you the link again.

Please note that the recordings are valid for 6 weeks and can no longer be accessed after the expiration. These are online seminars and not video training.

Are the questions and answers included in the recording?

You will receive the complete recording of the online seminar the following day, which of course also includes the Q&A session at the end of the seminar. If you still have an unanswered question , you can contact us at any time by e-mail and ask!