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Live Online Seminar Wedding Reports | March 15, 2023

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meeting: 01/15/2024 | 6-9 p.m

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Experience a virtual wedding reportage with us! With the help of our pictures we explain in detail how our wedding reports are created! For us there is nothing more beautiful than capturing real emotions in authentic and lively pictures.

Product information

Your entry into wedding photography

Actively design your 2024 wedding season now!

Are you a photographer who is just getting into wedding photography and want a wedding season with lots of exciting weddings ? Are you still missing bookings or haven't reached your desired customer yet? Then actively shape your 2024 wedding season now! With this online seminar you will not only find out how to reach your bride and groom , but also how you can best prepare for the upcoming weddings!

that's what I want!


We teach you every step live and personally. This interactive learning experience will delight you. You can ask questions, receive feedback and benefit from other participants' questions .

Let yourself be carried away personally and benefit from the spirit of being there live!

Our live online seminars are always up to date because we are constantly educating ourselves and taking technical changes into account. What this means for you is that you receive cutting-edge knowledge that you can put into practice straight away. You are part of a community that supports and motivates each other.

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to attend a live event . That's why we record every online seminar and make the recording available to you via streaming for 6 weeks so that you can watch it at your own pace.

Our learning concept

We'll take you to an online seminar full of knowledge , fun, new insights and a dose of motivation to finally get started in wedding photography . We will give you the necessary knowledge so that you can implement what you have learned independently. But don't worry, we won't let you down , as would be the case with pure video training! Imagine you're motivated to apply the new knowledge, but then you suddenly black out . Your marketing or your implementation of individual processes is not yet showing the desired success and you are facing individual challenges and don't know how to implement the newly acquired knowledge?

No worries! We know that what is shown often looks easier than it is and that's why we are here for you. Just write to us in the WhatsApp group and we will help you. Every participant will benefit from your question and together we will overcome the challenge .

Finally more visibility

your website

A beautiful Instagram appearance is easy. But is that enough for a well -filled calendar, full of wedding bookings with brides and grooms who suit you and your work? Don't leave it to chance whether brides and grooms find you, but rather design your online presence so that you address exactly your desired customers . Social media with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest offer you many exciting opportunities, but you shouldn't miss out on your own real estate, your website ! What is important here and how can you find it? We'll show you!

Marketing Hochzeitsfotografie Fotograf werden Selbstständigkeit Werbung Social Media Webseite Zielgruppe
Marketing Hochzeitsfotografie Fotograf werden Selbstständigkeit Werbung Social Media Webseite Zielgruppe

Convince your bride and groom!

Turn wedding inquiries into bookings

You are now finally receiving inquiries from your ideal customers ! But how do you win over these brides and grooms? You have to convince yourself and your work! After 13 years of wedding reports, we have had so many preliminary discussions with the bride and groom and tried out so many conversation strategies that we can boast an enormous wealth of experience ! What media do we use to communicate with our bridal couples, how does a preliminary conversation work and what topics do we discuss. Do you still rely on classic email communication with your bride and groom? We'll show you promising and contemporary media that make personal and casual communication possible! Go new ways and inspire your bridal couples !

What is important?

Preparation is everything!

Do you want to prepare for the 2024 wedding season ? What equipment should you have in your camera bag for creative and high-quality reportage images ? SLR or system camera? We'll show you what's important! Do you finally want to create creative images and don't know which tools are useful? Let yourself be inspired by extraordinary images , we'll show you what it takes!

CONTENT Live online seminar

Marketing for wedding photographers


Social Media

Achieve more visibility on social media . How do you use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for yourself. Show up with your content where your ideal customer is!


Build on your own land! Your individual website that shows you and your work as it is and convinces your desired customers. Structure and content - we'll show you!

target group

Finally reach the bride and groom you want. We talk about portfolio structure, image look, imagery and which factors should suit you !


You are your brand! How do you present yourself and your work? Which marketing tools can you use to achieve a convincing and creative external impact ?

Preliminary conversation

Don't just rely on usual communication channels , but dare to try something new! WhatsApp Business opens up opportunities for you to communicate with your bride and groom in a more contemporary and informal way . Finally gain security in a personal preliminary discussion !


Equipment, planning and organization of the wedding report. Good preparation is important and gives you security and a free head for creativity !

You've come to the right place!

After this online seminar...

you will be able to prepare well for the upcoming wedding season 2024 ! You know what your website looks like and which strategies you should use to appeal to your target group . You will have learned how to use social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for your own benefit and will no longer be fishing in the dark. Preliminary discussions with your bride and groom will no longer make you nervous and will finally lead to bookings that will make your 2024 wedding season the way you want it! You will be better prepared for your wedding reports so that you can capture not only real and authentic, but also creative and extraordinary images for your bride and groom!

participate now



You don't necessarily have to be there live to benefit from the valuable content. Every online seminar is recorded! This gives you the opportunity to watch the seminar if your schedule allows it.

Simply book the seminar and you will receive a link to the recording the following day. Of course, this also contains all the questions and answers that were asked during the live event and is available to you via streaming for a full 6 weeks.

Why live?

For you, live means that you receive cutting-edge knowledge that always takes the latest developments into account.


You can ask your questions via chat throughout the online seminar and we will answer every one of them!

without camera

You don't need a camera or microphone for the seminar. Instead, you can always ask questions via chat.

Marketing Hochzeitsfotografie Fotograf werden Selbstständigkeit Werbung Social Media Webseite Zielgruppe

Details of the online seminar

Marketing for wedding photographers

Length of time
3 hours from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m

The online seminar will be recorded for you. The recording will be sent to all participants the following day and will be available as a stream for 6 weeks.

Bonus for you
- WhatsApp group
- Promotion code for our Lightroom Presets & Tools

– MacBook / Laptop / PC
– current web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox)
– Have a good mood and ask us your questions!

No webcam & microphone required



Who is the online seminar suitable for?

Our online wedding photography seminar is suitable for all photographers who want to finally start the wedding season better prepared and don't want to leave bookings to chance .


All you need is a laptop/MacBook/PC and a stable internet connection . You don't need a microphone or camera, we just communicate with each other via chat . No registration for a video conference program is necessary. You need a common browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox , preferably a current version.


You can register until shortly before the start . Please note that for short-term bookings, payment should be made via Paypal or credit card so that you receive your access data directly. If you pay by bank transfer , you will receive the link to the recording by email after receipt of payment. Please note that we check bank transactions once a day. If you booked at short notice , you can also send us your transfer receipt by email to team@kathiundchris.de .


After you have successfully placed your order, you will receive a PDF with your personal access link , which you can use to log into the online seminar. Please contact us by email at least 24 hours before the start if you have not received a link.

Is the online seminar only suitable for beginners or also for advanced users?

Our online seminars are basically suitable for everyone, whether beginner or advanced . Beginners can get started straight away after the seminar and implement everything. Did it go a little too fast for you? No problem. Watch the recording at your own pace. Advanced students always have new, great approaches to optimizing their existing skills . You'll delve deeper into Lightroom and expand your skills.


If you did not receive a confirmation after paying via PayPal, it may be because the connection between PayPal and the shop has been lost . We have then received your order, but the debit has not been made to your PayPal account. Please check this. You can then send us the amount manually via PayPal to hello@kathiundchris.de , stating your order number. We will then release your order.

If you otherwise have a problem with your order, you can write to us by email at team@kathiundchris.de until the start of the online seminar.


You don't necessarily have to be there live. Of course, you can book the online seminar and watch the recording afterwards at your leisure. You can also enter and exit at any time during the ongoing seminar using your personal access link.


If you have booked the online seminar, you will automatically receive a link to the recording by email on the day after the online seminar. Regardless of whether you took part live or not. The recording will then be available to you as a stream (no download) for 6 weeks . Please note that after 6 weeks the recording will no longer be available.

Is it possible to ask questions outside of the live appointment?

Yes definitely! After the online seminar, you can ask us your questions at any time by email and become part of our WhatsApp group ! You will receive the link from us the following day .

How long is the WhatApp group available?

The WhatsApp group, like the recording, is also available for 6 weeks . Of course you can enter and leave at any time. The group link will be sent with the recording the following day.

As a participant, can I also actively ask questions or discuss with other participants?

Yes, of course you have the opportunity to ask questions live . During the live online seminar you can communicate with us via chat . At the end we also planned time for your questions. After the live online seminar, you can ask your questions in our WhatsApp group and also exchange ideas with the other participants.


If you have deleted emails with the recordings , you can always send us an email to team@kathiundchris.de with your order number. We will then send you the link again .

Please note that the recordings are valid for 6 weeks and can no longer be accessed after expiry. These are online seminars and not video training.


You will receive the complete recording of the online seminar the following day , which of course also includes the Q&A session at the end of the seminar. If you still have an unanswered question, you can contact us at any time by email or WhatsApp and ask!