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Workshop couple shooting and image processing | March 18, 2023 | Neuss

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Indoor Workshop

You can look forward to that!

At the workshop we will photograph a great real couple indoors. The Loft Studio 14c offers us a really great environment with lots of daylight and lots of opportunities to implement creative ideas.
There is no “pack shooting” with us! With our help you will have time to get involved with the couple and the situation in order to be able to take pictures in peace . You will then receive live feedback from us, because we look at the results directly on your camera! So you have the opportunity to repeat something right away if something didn't work right away!

Content workshop couple shooting & image processing

Part 1: couple shooting


So that your couples not only feel comfortable , but also understand which ideas you would like to implement, it is important to be able to adapt to your couples and hit the right note . Every couple is different and needs to be picked up and inspired elsewhere. We give you tips and experiences to help you master this important and fundamental part better.

Picture ideas & composition

Which image cut , which angle, portrait or landscape format, what kind of background should I choose? There is a lot to consider so that your picture looks coherent in the end. Here, too, we take enough time to convey our style and our thoughts on it to you. In addition to general rules, we have developed many of our own procedures . We would like to share these and many more with you.


A question we are often asked is: "Which location should I choose for such a couple shooting?" Or: "Do you choose the location or does the couple make this decision". We have also prepared a few things for you on this topic and, of course, many other empirical values ​​on how to approach a location depending on the season and what needs to be considered.


We'll show you how you can ensure that your couples don't just stand there stiffly, but move and implement lively poses with a lot of fun and joy . It's important to us that it doesn't get too complicated, but that it's easy to implement . Whether cuddling, running, sitting, but also very dynamically on "piggyback" we deal with all possible situations.

light guide

No matter how good your pose looks, if the light isn't right, it just won't turn out to be a pretty photo. That's why we're talking about working with natural sunlight and, on the other hand, about the right lighting when photographing indoors.

equipment & technology

In our opinion, which technique is necessary for you to be able to implement a couple shoot really well. For this we talk about focal lengths and the right camera . Of course, you will also learn the basics of manual photography and which apertures and settings we prefer to take our pictures with.

improve your skills!

our common goal

The goal is to raise your skills to a new level. Not only will you go home with beautiful pictures, you will also have learned how to implement these picture ideas on your own in your next shoot!

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I want to be there!

We show you our color look

Our way of image processing

In the second part of the workshop we will show you how our color look is created with Lightroom and edit different images together! We don't just show you how to use our presets, but step by step how the color look is created. You have the opportunity to ask questions to significantly increase and improve your understanding and skills. Of course we can look over your shoulder on site and help you directly ! You can read the more detailed content below.

Content workshop couple photography & image processing

Part 2: Image editing

basic fixes

In order to create the basis for our look, we go through all the relevant controls for the basic corrections and thus create the basis for all further processing steps . Of course, we will also show you how the settings behave in pictures with difficult lighting situations.

white balance

One of the most important steps to be able to edit an image correctly and to get natural color tones . We will discuss this important part in detail and demonstrate it using various image examples.

Color Grading

Lightroom Classic has finally had a good color grading module for several years, which is largely responsible for our look. It gives our pictures a golden and warm look . We will show you step by step how exactly we implemented this.

color look

In addition to the contrast, the look of an image is primarily defined by its color . Using various images, we will demonstrate how we create our color look. To do this, we not only go into the HSL module , but also into the calibration.

Selective corrections

So that you can carry out selective corrections with the brush , the radial filter or the gradient filter , we will show you with various examples how easy it is to use these tools sensibly.


These relatively new features make Lightroom really powerful. We will demonstrate the full range of masking , for example to edit backgrounds selectively or to edit individual people in isolation. But we also talk extensively about exciting combinations of masking and gradient filter techniques .

Zeitplan am 25. Februar 2024

Ablauf des Workshops

9:30 Uhr - Herzlich Willkommen!
Begrüßung, Vorstellung, Einführung - Welcome, lasst uns starten!

10:00 Uhr - Paarshooting
Jetzt wird gemeinsam fotografiert - Zeit für großartige Bilder!

15:00 Uhr - Pause!
Zeit um euch kennenzulernen, auszutauschen und zu vernetzen!

15:30 Uhr - Bildbearbeitung
Wir zeigen euch unsere Art - Der Look für deine Bilder!

17:30 Uhr - Vielen Dank!
Unsere Zeit ist leider schon wieder vorbei - Thank you!

Workshop Paarshooting & Bildbearbeitung

Details zum Workshop

- 25. Februar 2024 von 9:30 Uhr bis ca. 17:30 Uhr
- Dauer 8 Stunden inkl. Pause und Verpflegung (Snacks, Mittagessen italienisch, Getränke)

- Loftstudio 14c in Neuss
- Max. 10 Teilnehmer

Live vor Ort
Lasst uns gemeinsam endlich die Theorie in die Praxis umsetzen!

Was sollte ich mitbringen?
- Kamera mit Wechselobjektiven (bevorzugt Festbrennweiten wie z.B. 35mm und 50mm)
- Laptop / MacBook wenn du bei der Bildbearbeitung aktiv mitarbeiten möchtest
- Gute Laune und deine Fragen an uns!

Dein Bonus!
- Workshop WhatsApp Gruppe
- Aktionscodes für unsere digitalen Produkte

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Would you like to be able to do that too?

Then be there live!

We look forward to welcoming you to our live workshop to teach you our techniques and procedures. So if you want to have even more fun and safety in couple photography and image editing and want to further develop your skills, then join us now!

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After this workshop you can too!

An insight into our picture look





Your most frequently asked questions


Is the workshop suitable for me?

Unsere Workshops sind grundsätzlich für Anfänger sowie für Fortgeschrittene Fotografen geeignet. Du solltest die manuellen Einstellungen deiner Kamera grundlegend beherrschen, wir helfen dir hierbei aber auch gern!

Wann bekomme ich die restlichen Informationen?

Ca. eine Woche vor dem Workshop erstellen wir eine private Facebook Gruppe und laden euch alle dazu ein. Wer kein Facebook hat, bekommt die Infos natürlich auch per E-Mail zugeschickt.

Can I use the resulting images for my portfolio?

Selbstverständlich darfst du die entstandenen Bilder für dein Portfolio nutzen! Nach dem Workshop schicken wir euch in unserer privaten Workshop Facebook Gruppe (Einladung kommt kurz vor dem Workshop) die Credits aller Mitwirkenden. Hier bitten wir euch, diese Credits bei Veröffentlichung auf Social Media anzugeben.

What is the maximum number of photographers that can participate?

Bei diesem Workshop möchten wir in einer kleinen Gruppe von max. 10 Teilnehmern fotografieren. So haben wir genug Zeit und Aufmerksamkeit um auf jeden Teilnehmer individuell einzugehen. Jeder bekommt die Möglichkeit alleine das Paar zu fotografieren und es kommt zu keinem Rudelshooting!