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We have been conducting online seminars live for you since the beginning of 2020 and we look forward to every further one.


Participants have already taken part in one of our online seminars. That makes us very happy and huge and makes us very proud.


We have created hours of exciting content live so far and we look forward to many hundreds more hours.

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I haven't booked such a good seminar in a long time. I'm really absolutely thrilled . Everything was explained very clearly. The videos on the different poses were particularly helpful to me. This seminar has all the important content from communication to correct posing, dealing with bad weather , what time of day you should take photos, right through to camera settings and equipment. Everything was included. This was definitely not the last seminar!


Further training from Kathi and Chris in Lightroom image editing is definitely recommended . Both beginners and advanced users can gain added value here. In a very short time, Chris explained many different examples in a very understandable way and showed solutions to common problems. There was always time for individual questions . It definitely won't be my last further training from Kathi and Chris. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so openly!


The couple shooting seminar was my first but definitely not my last seminar with Kathi and Chris. I was given an incredible amount of useful knowledge in the 3 hours. I was able to gain so much creative input, especially in my “still” weak area of ​​communication with the couple, but also in the topic of posing . I'm actually an aspiring videographer but the seminar will definitely help me advance here too. Thanks again and see you soon!


I really enjoyed the online seminar for wedding reports! Many lively examples from Kathi and Chris' years of experience were shared and important tips were given (e.g. where to stand best, which lenses are best suited, tips for the preliminary interview , etc.) I really liked the common thread, so I was able to write down and remember the content well . I am sure that I will hear Chris as an inner voice at the next wedding and remember the content of the seminar.


First of all, a big thank you to Kathi and Chris for this great and insightful seminar! I'm absolutely blown away! Kathi and Chris have incredibly in-depth knowledge , which they share with us unfiltered in every seminar. This became particularly clear in this seminar in particular. The seminar "Introduction to Wedding Photography" gives an authentic insight into everything that awaits you when you are about to become self-employed as a photographer. Everything from dealing with initial wedding inquiries to marketing and taxes is covered. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!


Wow! Where should I start?
The course is very informative and Chris explains everything so well that everyone can understand it. The tips are incredible . This online course definitely changed the way I look at my couples. I will try to implement the tips as quickly as possible. The online seminar is recommended for beginners as well as advanced users. I will definitely take more courses in the future! You just feel so well prepared afterwards and want to try everything out straight away. Visit the online seminar and be excited to see what a super cool surprise pose Chris & Kathi have! Absolute heart recommendation!