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We have been photographing weddings with great passion since 2010 . We have been passing on the experiences we have gained and all the knowledge we have acquired unfiltered for many years. Whether in workshops , 1:1 sessions or via our successful online seminars . We have already been able to coach many thousands of photographers in a variety of ways. Our preset packages have also been added since 2016. These are being further developed from year to year and have already made image editing easier for countless photographers. In recent years we have also established ourselves in the area of ​​web design and are constantly expanding this, as well as many other creative services .

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As your coaches and mentors, we have over a decade of expertise as wedding photographers. This is a great and valuable wealth of experience that you will benefit from on your personal journey. In addition to the theoretical skills , we also provide you with a lot of practical knowledge that you will not find in any manual - very personal and tailored to you and your goals.

Over the years we have learned that, in addition to experience , one thing is particularly important: the right emotions . But just taking good photos won't be enough in the long run. That's why you will learn from us what distinguishes any motif from popular ones and how you can make your business successful with the right mindset and your own personal luminosity. The same passion and at least as much heart and soul goes into our self-developed products as into our photography. We have been working intensively on our image look for over 13 years, and in 2016 we presented our first Lightroom presets with great success.

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For your successful business

Just taking good pictures is not enough. If you are striving for photography as a profession or as a part-time job, we will give you everything you need to run a successful business . Follow this exciting path together with us as successful photographers and mentors .

It makes us incredibly proud to use our knowledge to ensure that you feel motivated to find, walk and practice your path as a wedding photographer from the heart. We accompany you on the way to becoming a wedding photographer and it doesn't matter whether you are just starting out or already have a solid business.