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Live workshops for photographers

Live and personal

We love being creative with you and taking photos or editing pictures. Our workshops have always been known for the fact that we take a lot of time for each individual. Our goal is for you to take a lot of knowledge and motivation with you and to be able to independently apply what you have learned to your work later on. That's why it's not just about taking great photos or creating a beautiful image look with our help, but rather about you really understanding how it works. Of course, we want to produce great results, but for us the focus is on learning. Our workshops are usually limited to 10 participants , so we always maintain a very personal atmosphere and you get your money's worth.

Thats what our customers say



I can only recommend this workshop to EVERYONE !!! We went through and learned so much and the two of them gave so much input in such a relaxed atmosphere that I'm just thrilled! You never had the feeling that they were hiding anything from you, but they really told you EVERYTHING you wanted to know and the BEST, just at eye level !!! No matter what level you are at! They also paid attention to each individual during the practical part and continually gave feedback on the pictures they had just created! Simply TOP, MEGA, HAMMER great! And I know for myself, it's definitely not the last time I've been to Kathi&Chris! I can really just say THANK YOU again! You did it just perfectly and I'm full of new energy!


The best thing I could have ever done ! I now want to really start photographing weddings and was looking for a workshop that would help me as a beginner . I came across their workshop. I learned pretty much everything I wanted to learn here - and much more. I went to the workshop prepared with a note that had probably 15 questions on it. When the question round began at the end, all but one question had already been answered. The two of them are so super likeable that you just feel so comfortable. In any case, I'm going to hit the ground running from now on. With this workshop, the two of them changed my business and therefore my life. Without this workshop I would have done so many things wrong and lost valuable time and money unnecessarily. I can really recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to get further and, above all, reach their target group . The next workshop is coming up soon!


I'm really excited about Kathi & Chris! The workshop was great and helped me a lot . The two of them shed light on many things that I wasn't quite sure about. Every question was answered openly. In general, the two of them created a great atmosphere so that none of the participants, no matter how old, how young, how much experience or none, felt very comfortable so that everyone could ask their questions. The next workshop is already booked!


I booked the workshop with Kathi and Chris and am simply thrilled ! So much knowledge and so much input! You get so much motivation to apply what you have learned. Then there was the amazing shoot with such great styling and a likeable couple. Simply a top workshop in everything and definitely worth the investment! Thanks for the great workshop!


I was finally able to attend a workshop with Kathi and Chris and I'm just thrilled with them both. Nothing was hidden from us, the group conversations and the whole atmosphere were just great and cozy and you never had the feeling that you couldn't talk to them about something. Any questions we had were answered, the couple shoot was carried out with us with love and attention to detail and the model couple was simply great. Everything really went right at the workshop . We laughed a lot and took a lot of input home with us. Thanks to Kahi and Chris, I will incorporate some new things (that I learned) into my workflow . Thank you both of you. Please stay as you are!


Thank you both for the great workshop . I already found you both really likeable and the personal impression at the workshop confirmed that again. Everything was organized so personally & with attention to detail. During the practical shooting part, everyone had the chance to take their pictures in peace, no pack shooting . Directly afterwards there was feedback and you could repeat it immediately if something didn't work. I now have to process the flood of information and gradually implement what I have learned . I have a clear recommendation for you and we certainly haven't seen each other for the last time.