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KCP Signature Preset Collection 2023

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For the preset pack you need at least Lightroom Classic 11.0 or higher and/or Adobe Photoshop 2021 or higher. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are NOT included in the package, but must already exist or be purchased separately. Use on mobile apps is only possible to a limited extent. We assume no liability for this.

Product information

boost your instagram feed

What's in it for you

In short, over 250 creative collage templates that make your Instagram posts look simply great. This ensures more enthusiasm and attention among your followers and, as a nice extra, the design is also a lot of fun.

So that you can easily keep an overview, we have cataloged all the important image formats and designs for you. This is how you can quickly and easily design and save your Instagram pictures. So that you can get started straight away, we have recorded videos that explain every step from import to Instagram posting.

I would like to have it!

Your advantages of IG templates!

Why create collages in Lightroom?

All in One

From now on you no longer have to send pre-selected images to your cell phone for your Instagram posts. You can do everything right where your images already are. In Lightroom.

No external apps

You no longer have to use cell phone apps for your contributions, but can work relaxed on your comparatively huge monitor and certainly get a much better overview.

Fast workflow

Optimize your workflow and create great collages for your Instagram feed faster than ever before and post your creations directly from your computer. We'll show you how to do this in the video instructions.

Perfect picture look

The colors of your image selection don't match correctly? No problem! Since you're already in Lightroom, you can quickly adjust your images and give your Instagram collages a consistent image look.

Drag and drop

You create your collages easily with the mouse on the large monitor and quickly and controlledly drag the images exactly where you want them. If you don't like an image, you can simply drag the next one over it.

Full access

Since everything is in place in Lightroom, you can use your entire shoot for your Instagram collages. This gives you maximum flexibility in your image selection and allows you to exploit your full creativity. This makes working fun.

How about a demo?

Insight into designing with Lightroom Classic

Turn on the sound and take a look!

In this video, Chris shows you how you can easily edit your new collage templates in Lightroom.

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Much more than you think

250+ collage templates aren't everything!

You can also easily adapt many of the finished collages to your taste and thus adapt the design even better to your image sections. This results in countless new design possibilities and there are hardly any limits to your creativity. This means you can make your Instagram feed even more versatile. Great, is not it?

More time

Save time and create creative posts for your Instagram feed directly on your computer and post your posts directly from there without restrictions via the web browser. You will see how much fun it is to work with the keyboard and mouse.

You become more creative

In the future, you will take photos more creatively and pay more attention to details, because when you put them together you will quickly notice how wonderfully extraordinary details have an impact on the quality of your collages.

Corporate Design

Do you have a special color that reflects you and your company? Great, then you can easily convert our framed collage templates with your color code. This will make your Insta feed even more one with your corporate design.

Quite a lot in it!

Scope of templates

11 folders with over 250 templates
4 different image formats
>> Portrait, Square, Landscape, Landscape

In 4 detailed videos we explain how to install and use it, as well as how to create a post on your computer.

Your most frequently asked questions


Which Lightroom Classic version do I need for the templates?

Our collage templates work from Lightroom Classic 5. Please note that the templates cannot be used for the cloud-based Lightroom version.

How do I install the collage templates in Lightroom Classic?

The product includes video instructions on how to install, use and post to Instagram directly from your desktop.

Can I change the background color of the collages?

Yes you can! In Lightroom Classic you can easily set your desired color as the background so that the collages match your corporate design. We'll explain how this works in the bonus video.