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Live Online Seminar Camera Technology & Photography | April 17, 2023

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In this live seminar you will learn in detail how we take photos, how we proceed technically, which focal lengths we use for which motifs and how our image composition is composed. In addition, we talk about basic topics such as aperture, shutter speeds and ISO, but also about general camera settings and focus techniques.

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Would you like to get to know your camera better and learn more about the right settings and correct image composition? Then this online seminar is super exciting for you. We talk about the right camera equipment , composition and lighting and give you lots of tips and advice so that you are well prepared for your next shoot.

It is very important to us that wedding photographers in particular understand their technique and photography, because there are no second chances on such days. We have 13 years of practical experience , countless cameras and lenses in our hands and you can certainly take some of this knowledge with you. In a whole 3 hours we put together a super exciting mix of all relevant topics and the best thing is, you can always ask questions live via chat.

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basic settings

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you should always keep in mind the topic of aperture, shutter speed and ISO in order to technically implement your photos in the best possible way. We talk about creative possibilities, which apertures you should use for example for group photos and of course about long exposures . So that you can understand everything well, we have put together some graphics and image examples.

The right equipment

It used to be said that "every camera takes great pictures". We see it a little differently. Photography, or especially wedding photography , has changed a lot. The photos are much more dynamic and alive than a few years ago. The style and way of taking photos has also changed. In this live seminar we will discuss exactly what all this means and which camera systems make sense these days.

Image editing & composing

To ensure that your photos get the desired effect , we will use various image examples to explain how to perfectly stage couples or motifs and how to include the environment in a meaningful way. Of course, we also include the topic of focal lengths , aperture and Co. in this exciting part. Because great photos are only created when all the pieces of the photo puzzle work well together.

focus techniques

Do you also know that pictures in motion are often not really sharp or that there are always focus problems? We talk about why this is, or can be, and which solutions and, above all, which new techniques are available on the market so that your photos will be razor-sharp in the future.

capture sunlight

Do you also like these warm golden pictures with visible sunbeams? But you don't want your couples to get bogged down in orange sunlight ? Then this seminar is the right place for you, because this type of photography is part of our seminar and is visualized with many great pictures.

Weather & Backgrounds

Since this seminar is also about photography, we will of course also talk about the weather and how, for example, you can take great photos despite the rain . We also go into which backgrounds are particularly suitable and which less so.

Do you have any questions?

Q&A round

Of course you can ask questions via chat during the seminar. Depending on how many questions are asked and how extensive the answers are, we will take time again at the end of the seminar to answer all remaining questions in detail. Here you have another opportunity to address your open questions .

You weren't there live?

Don't worry, you can always send us your question afterwards by e-mail or in the workshop Facebook group .

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Since every online seminar is recorded for you, you don't necessarily have to be there live. You can also book the online seminar and will automatically receive a link for the recording the following day. Of course, this includes all questions and answers that will be asked during the live event. This is then available for 6 weeks via streaming (no download). This is a live online seminar and not video training. You will receive the recording the following day by email, which can be accessed via a separate link.

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Details of the online seminar

Length of time
3 hours from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m

The online seminar will be recorded for you. The recording will be sent to all participants the following day and will be available as a stream for 6 weeks.

– MacBook / Laptop / PC
– current web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox)
– Have a good mood and ask us your questions!

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We look forward to welcoming you to this online live event . Get carried away and inspired for 3 hours. Thanks to the chat function, you can ask us questions live at any time and to deepen your knowledge further, the recording is available to you for 6 weeks after the live event.

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We teach you every step live and personally. This interactive learning experience will delight you. You can ask questions , receive feedback and benefit from other participants' questions.
Let yourself be carried away personally and benefit from the spirit of being there live!

Our live online seminars are always up to date because we are constantly educating ourselves and taking technical changes into account. What this means for you is that you receive cutting-edge knowledge that you can put into practice straight away. You are part of a community that supports and motivates each other.

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to attend a live appointment. That's why we record every online seminar and make the recording available to you via streaming for 6 weeks so you can watch it at your own pace .


We'll take you to an online seminar full of knowledge, fun, new insights and a dose of motivation to finally get started. We will give you the necessary knowledge so that you can implement what you have learned independently .

Don't worry, we won't let you down like we would with video-only training! Imagine you're motivated to apply the new knowledge, but then you suddenly black out. Your picture or your implementation of individual processes does not yet show the desired success and you are facing individual challenges and do not know how to implement the newly acquired knowledge?

Be sure: We know that what is shown often looks easier than it is and that's why we are here for you. Just write to us in the Facebook group and we will help you. Every participant will benefit from your question and together we will overcome the challenge.


You will receive the recording from us the following day. You can watch this as a stream for 6 weeks.

Q&A round

Do you still have questions at the end of the online seminar or something is still unclear? In the Q&A part we answer all your remaining questions!


Each of our online seminars is of course live! Don't worry, you don't need a camera or microphone for this, we have the chat for that!

Your most frequently asked questions


Is the online seminar suitable for me?

In general, our online seminars are suitable for everyone, whether beginner or advanced . Beginners can start right after the seminar and implement everything. Advanced users always have great new approaches to optimize the existing workflow and work process .

What technical requirements do I need?

All you need is a laptop/MacBook/PC and a stable internet connection . You don't need a microphone or camera, we only communicate with each other via chat . It is not necessary to register for a video conference program. You need a common browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox , preferably a current version.

Until when can I register?

You can register until shortly before the start . Please note that for short-term bookings, payment should be made via Paypal or credit card so that you receive your access data directly. If you pay by bank transfer , you will receive the link to the recording by email after receipt of payment. Please note that we check bank transactions once a day. If you have booked at short notice , you can also email us your transfer receipt to team@kathiundchris.de .

How do I get my access data?

After a successful order, you will receive a PDF with your personal access link , which you can use to log into the online seminar. Please contact us by email at least 24 hours before the start if you have not received a link.

What do I do if I haven't received my access data?

If you did not receive a confirmation after paying via PayPal, it may be because the connection between PayPal and the shop was broken . We then received your order, but your PayPal account was not debited. Please check this. You can then send us the amount manually to hello@kathiundchris.de via PayPal, stating your order number. Then we release your order.

If you have any other problem with your order, you can email us at team@kathiundchris.de before the start of the online seminar.

Do I have to be live all the time?

You don't have to be there live. Of course you can book the online seminar and watch the recording afterwards at your leisure. You can get in and out at any time during the seminar via your personal access link.

When do I get the recording?

If you have booked the online seminar, you will automatically receive a link to the recording by email on the day after the online seminar. It doesn't matter if you participated live or not. The recording is then available to you as a stream (no download) for 6 weeks. Please note that after 6 weeks the recording is no longer available.

Where can I find my previous recordings?

If you have accidentally deleted emails with the recordings , you can always send us an email to team@kathiundchris.de with your order number. We will then send you the link again.

Please note that the recordings are valid for 6 weeks and can no longer be accessed after expiry. These are online seminars and not video training.

Are the questions and answers included in the recording?

You will receive the full recording of the online seminar the following day , which of course also includes the Q&A session at the end of the seminar. If you still have an unanswered question, you can contact us at any time by e-mail and ask!