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Workshop couple shooting and image processing | March 18, 2023 | Neuss

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Events: 30.06.2024 | 16-21 Uhr

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Product information

You can look forward to that!

In this detailed workshop on the subject of wedding couple shooting , we will photograph a beautiful real couple together with a bridal bouquet and implement a bridal couple shoot as realistically as possible so that you are well prepared for your next wedding.

We not only give you photographic know-how, but also technical know-how , so that you can then easily implement our approach on your own for further shoots, because this can be implemented for every photographer and, above all, for every couple.

Capture real moments

During the shoot, we actively support you in improving your skills and thereby capturing real moments. We discuss important points such as communication , the correct lighting and of course posing . The aim is for your couple not to find themselves in stiff poses, but to be able to involve themselves in the shoot through appropriate storytelling and secure communication and thus recognize themselves in the pictures. You will also learn how to capture different moments and emotions within a “pose” and how to design them creatively using different perspectives and angles.

For beginners and advanced users

our common goal

Our workshops are generally structured in such a way that both beginners and advanced users can learn lots of new tips and tricks, implement them quickly and, above all, benefit from them.

We give everyone enough time to get involved with the situation and the couple and take photos with our support. We're not doing a pack shoot here for good reason. You will then receive live feedback from us as we look at the images directly on the camera. This gives you more confidence and allows you to repeat something without pressure if it doesn't work out so well. The goal here is to be able to confidently implement what you have learned on your next shoots . At the end you will have gained a lot of new knowledge and experience, improved your skills and met great people. If you are interested, invest now in your own further training, have a lot of fun and, above all, motivation to advance your own photography!

I want to be there!

You can look forward to that!

Wedding couple shooting


So that your couples not only feel comfortable , but also understand which ideas you would like to implement, it is important to be able to adapt to your couples and hit the right note . Every couple is different and needs to be picked up and inspired elsewhere. We give you tips and experiences to help you master this important and fundamental part better.

Picture ideas & composition

Which image cut , which angle, portrait or landscape format, what kind of background should I choose? There is a lot to consider so that your picture looks coherent in the end. Here, too, we take enough time to convey our style and our thoughts on it to you. In addition to general rules, we have developed many of our own procedures . We would like to share these and many more with you.


A question we are often asked is: "Which location should I choose for such a couple shooting?" Or: "Do you choose the location or does the couple make this decision". We have also prepared a few things for you on this topic and, of course, many other empirical values ​​on how to approach a location depending on the season and what needs to be considered.


We'll show you how you can ensure that your couples don't just stand there stiffly, but move and implement lively poses with a lot of fun and joy . It's important to us that it doesn't get too complicated, but that it's easy to implement . Whether cuddling, running, sitting, but also very dynamically on "piggyback" we deal with all possible situations.

light guide

No matter how good your pose looks, if the light isn't right, it just won't turn out to be a pretty photo. That's why we're talking about working with natural sunlight and, on the other hand, about the right lighting when photographing indoors.

equipment & technology

In our opinion, which technique is necessary for you to be able to implement a couple shoot really well. For this we talk about focal lengths and the right camera . Of course, you will also learn the basics of manual photography and which apertures and settings we prefer to take our pictures with.

Details about the workshop

Length of time
- approx. 5-6 hours, depending on the appointment (possibly a little longer if the sunset is beautiful)

- Westruper Heide, 45721 Haltern am See
- Max. 10 participants

Live on site
Let’s finally put theory into practice together!

- Camera with interchangeable lenses (preferably fixed focal lengths such as 35mm and 50mm)
- Have a good mood and send your questions to us!

- Workshop WhatsApp group
- Promotional codes for our digital products

Course of the workshop

Welcome, introduction, introduction to camera technology for shooting preparation - Welcome, let's get started!

Wedding couple shoot
Now we're taking photos together - time for great pictures!

Break as needed
Please make sure you have enough drinks and snacks as you need them!
Time to get to know each other, exchange ideas and network!

Workshop end or extension
Possibly sunset shooting depending on the weather

Farewell & feedback round
Unfortunately our time is over again - Thank you!

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Your most frequently asked questions


Is the workshop suitable for me?

Our workshops are generally suitable for beginners and advanced photographers. You should have a basic command of your camera's manual settings , but we'll be happy to help you with that too!

When will I receive the rest of the information?

About a week before the workshop we will create a WhatsApp group and invite you all to it. If you don't have WhatsApp or don't want to share your number, you will of course also receive the information by email .

Can I use the resulting images for my portfolio?

Of course you can use the resulting images for your portfolio ! After the workshop we will send you the credits of all participants in our private WhatsApp group (invitation will come shortly before the workshop). Here we ask you to indicate these credits when publishing on social media.

What is the maximum number of photographers that can participate?

At this workshop we would like to take photos in a small group of max. 10 participants . This means we have enough time and attention to respond to each participant individually. Everyone gets the opportunity to photograph the couple alone and there is no pack shooting !