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Video training Double Exposure

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Master double exposures in Photoshop with our step-by-step video guide for wedding photographers. Perfect for beginners and advanced users to enhance your portfolio with a wow factor.

Product information

Photoshop video training for photographers

Turn your photos into works of art

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest product: "Video training Double Exposure - Photoshop for wedding photographers" - a comprehensive video training that takes you into the world of double exposures.

The video training is perfectly structured and takes you from the basics to advanced techniques. We'll start with an introduction that will familiarize you with the concept and possibilities of double exposures. Then we move on to the second part, where you will learn how to prepare your images for double exposure. The great thing about this is that you don't necessarily have to take new images for the double exposures. In the third part we will show you how you can edit your existing images to prepare them for creative double exposures. And finally, in the fourth and final part, we demonstrate step by step how to create an impressive double exposure.

Our goal is to show you that this process is dead easy - even with older images, you can create stunning works of art. The training is designed to be easy for beginners to understand, but also for advanced photographers to discover new inspiration and techniques. Get inspired by our video training and expand your artistic skills in wedding photography. With our practical tips and detailed step-by-step instructions, you'll soon be creating your own masterful double exposures. You can look forward to a journey full of creativity and inspiration!

How our video training can advance your business

Portfolio enhancement

With the techniques you've learned for double exposures, you can give your portfolio a fresh, modern look. This will help you attract new customers and impress existing customers.

Images with a wow effect

Learn the skill of giving any image a stunning wow factor. Not only are double exposures visually stunning, but they also tell a deeper story, making your work more individual.

Creativity booster

Expand your creative horizons and add advanced and in-demand technology to your skillset. This training allows you to develop artistically and sharpen your individual style.

Stand out from the crowd

Stunning double exposures will make you stand out and increase your market appeal. Clients often look for photographers who offer something special – and double exposures can be just that.

Diversity in post-production

Learn how to prepare old and new images for double exposures. This flexibility in post-processing makes it possible for you to create a work of art from any image, regardless of age.

More recognition

With every successful double exposure, your self-confidence grows. This affects your entire work and is noticed and admired by customers and colleagues alike.



Discover how to transform pre-taken photos into stunning works of art with double exposure. A perfect chance to refresh older recordings and give them a modern touch. By adding double exposures to your images, you create distinctive highlights that set your portfolio apart.

Invest in your skills and make your portfolio incomparable. Expand your skills and present something unique to your customers. With our video training “Double Exposure – Photoshop for wedding photographers” the first step has been taken.

Details about the video training

Length of time
79 minutes

File size and format
7GB, MP-4

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Preparation & Workflow
Chapter 3: Expand & Prepare Images
Chapter 4: Creating Double Exposure

The video training can be easily played on any common media player. We created the video for you in very high resolution and quality so that you can enjoy it in full sharpness even on large displays. To implement this you need Lightroom Classic and at least Photoshop 2024.

After you have successfully placed your order, you will receive your personal password and a download link. After you have downloaded the video training to your computer, you can watch it as often and for as long as you want.

You've come to the right place


...you'll be able to create stunning double exposures that tell emotions and stories in a whole new way. You know how to transform your existing images into creative highlights that give your portfolio a fresh and modern look. You'll be able to edit wedding photos so that they not only capture memories, but also impress as works of art in their own right. With the newly learned skills you can expand your range of services and stand out from the crowd. Your new knowledge will give you the confidence to be creative and experimental with your images, enriching your overall work. Your improved skills in creating double exposures will be highly valued by both clients and colleagues . This leads to an increased perception of your professionalism and creativity, which leads to more recognition in your professional environment . After completing our training, you will not only have improved technical skills, but also achieve a new level of confidence and professional recognition that will sustainably enrich your business as a wedding photographer.

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Who is the video training suitable for?

Our Double Exposure video training is suitable for beginners and advanced users. Basically, the video training is for all photographers who want to edit their images with double exposures, regardless of whether you photograph weddings, portraits, families or animals.


Any common media player is suitable for playing the video training. To create the double exposures yourself, you need Lightroom Classic and at least Photoshop 2024.


After you have successfully placed your order, you will receive a PDF with your personal password and a download link with which you can download the video training.

How long do I have access to the video training?

After you have downloaded the video training to your computer, you can watch it as often and for as long as you want.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions later?

Yes definitely! You can ask us your questions at any time via email or WhatsApp . We are happy to be there for you.