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KCP Signature Preset Collection 2023

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For the preset pack you need at least Lightroom Classic 11.0 or higher and/or Adobe Photoshop 2021 or higher. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are NOT included in the package, but must already exist or be purchased separately. Use on mobile apps is only possible to a limited extent. We assume no liability for this.

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Contents of the Preset Collection

You can look forward to that!

We have the same variety as always, but combined everything in one collection in a much simpler way. The interplay of different intensity levels for color and contrast, as well as the various overlay presets, ensures a multitude of possible combinations to get the most out of every RAW image. In addition, there are quick and easy preset combinations for almost every light and color situation that deliver great results. For the first time, we have created different color grading options that can be changed at the push of a button. The popular tilt-shift effects from the 2021 series are now back in an optimized form. So that you can master all these options quickly and easily, detailed video instructions for import and use are again included!

That and much more awaits you!

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Simple modular principle

Our Signature Collection is structured in such a way that you can put different overlays on a preset to your heart's content. This gives you a variety of look options quickly and easily, giving you more individuality.

Get started quickly and easily

In addition to the presets, you will receive video instructions for the uncomplicated import into Lightroom Classic, as well as a detailed insight into how to get great results quickly and how to use the many possible combinations sensibly.

There's a lot of experience there

Our preset packages are painstakingly created over several months and tested on hundreds of photos. We use our own reference images from the last 12 years as well as images from other photographers. This means we can guarantee a very high level of accuracy for almost every camera model.


We would be happy to create a non-binding video insight for you with your pictures. Please send us 3-5 raw images via Dropbox or Wetransfer to support@kathiundchris.de . This way you don't buy a pig in a poke and you know exactly what to expect.

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With our presets

Vertrag Hochzeitsreportage Hochzeitsfotograf Brautpaar Mallorca läuft Richtung Kamera


Preset Lightroom Classic Bildbearbeitung Hochzeitsfotograf Porträt Paare Familie Kinder Fotografie Hochzeiten


Preset Lightroom Classic Bildbearbeitung Hochzeitsfotograf Porträt Paare Familie Kinder Fotografie Hochzeiten

That's how you can describe our new Signature Presets!

Good made even better

We just love to constantly develop our look and get the most out of every new Lightroom version. We invest a lot of time, experience and above all passion , because as a wedding photographer we have to be able to implement our look quickly and easily. The new Signature Collection helps us here like no other preset package ever before.

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Preset Lightroom Classic Bildbearbeitung Hochzeitsfotograf Porträt Paare Familie Kinder Fotografie Hochzeiten

KCP Signature Collection 2023

Difference to older packages?

Above all, our goal was to make skin tones look even more natural and to show hard facial contours less hard. This is a big challenge if you still want to get a high-contrast look overall. With a lot of effort and hundreds of picture examples, we have succeeded better than ever before. Another goal was to give the entire image a slightly golden touch despite the correct white balance. This is also quickly recognizable in direct comparison to older versions.

Last but not least, we wanted to make the whole image look more organic and a touch more analogue , and to do this we made many changes in the gradation curve, but also in the calibration.

You have no limits!

Combination options

Depending on what you want, you can quickly and easily decide between a grain-free, high-contrast and saturated image, or, thanks to our overlay presets, work your way into the more analogue world and create really exciting looks!
We recommend that you always use RAW files as a basis . In principle, JPG images can also be used.
The presets are particularly suitable for wedding photography both outdoors and indoors. Any other type of people photography can be edited just as well.

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Application of our presets

Your most frequently asked questions


Which Lightroom version do I need for the KCP Signature Collection 2023?

In order for all presets and overlays to really work, you need at least Lightroom Classic 11 or higher.
Lightroom in the cloud-based version only works to a limited extent and is not supported by us.

Do the presets also work in Photoshop?

In principle, you can use the presets to their full extent with the Camera Raw module in Photoshop. At least the 2021 version should be available here.

Can I also use the presets on the go?

Our presets are designed exclusively for Lightroom Classic . In Lightroom CC or in mobile apps, the presets only work to a limited extent and not to their full extent.

Do the presets also work if I only shoot in JPG?

That works without any problems . However, the photo should then have a “solid” quality. The white balance in particular should fit well, as it can no longer be corrected to the extent of a RAW file.

Does it matter which camera I use?

Our presets are compatible with all common camera models . However, it is important that you use the latest Lightroom Classic update , especially with very new camera models, otherwise your camera will not be supported.

Are the Signature Presets also suitable for animal photography?

Even if we as wedding photographers focus on people, the presets are also suitable for animal photos without restrictions. Great results can be achieved here precisely through the natural coordination of the color tones.

Are the presets suitable for indoor or studio photos?

Thanks to the different intensity levels of the presets and different overlays, the looks are very well suited for indoor and studio use.

Can I use the presets commercially, for example for weddings?

Of course you can use the presets commercially. Our goal is to make your work on your shoots and weddings much easier.

KCP Signature Collection 2023

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