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Contract to create a wedding reportage

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Du bist Hochzeitsfotograf und möchtest deinen Brautpaaren Sicherheit und Vertrauen vermitteln? Mit unserem Mustervertrag für Fotografen bist du auf der richtigen Seite!

Product information

Contract to create a wedding reportage

your advantages

Pages & Word

You get the contract files available for both Pages and Word, so you can customize the files in the program of your choice.


Of course, our contract has been checked by a lawyer and is therefore legally secure, you only have to add the data protection declaration and cancellation policy.

Immediately usable

In just a few steps you can adapt your contract and use it directly for your bridal couples!


Give your bridal couple more security and professionalism with an individual wedding reportage contract.


A legally secure text creates trust in your bridal couple and shows reliability, because both sides have written confirmation of the agreed services.

For all

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner or subject to VAT - our contract is suitable for all photographers! You can adapt it 100% to you and your own business.

Vertrag Hochzeitsreportage Hochzeitsfotograf Brautpaar Mallorca läuft Richtung Kamera

Safety for you and your bridal couple

Show professionalism!

In order not to lose the fun of photography, there are some important business components that you should not ignore. This clearly includes the wedding contract . This not only gives your customers more security and trust, but also gives your company the necessary professionalism . In addition, you create the written provability of all agreements. This ensures a clear head and more creativity for the things that are really fun.

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Du kannst diesen Vertrag 100% auf dich individuell personalisieren!


Du bekommst ein ausführliches Erklärvideo mit allen wichtigen Schritten!

Direkt nutzbar!

Logo austauschen, Angaben eintragen und du kannst direkt loslegen!

How to

Auszug aus der Videoanleitung

Ton anschalten und reinschauen!

Kathi zeigt dir in diesem Video, wie du deinen neuen Vertrag ganz einfach in Word oder Pages für dich und dein Business anpassen kannst.

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what is included

scope of the contract

7 pages

The contract comprises a total of 7 pages including comprehensive terms and conditions for your business. All you have to do is add the revocation and the data protection declaration!


In addition to the actual contract file, there is a sample file with comments about which passages you can and should change for yourself.


All the contents of the contract are briefly explained here so that you can not only adapt the contract but also understand it.


In a detailed video, Kathi explains how you can adapt your new contract and what the various files are for.

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Your most frequently asked questions


Which programs can I use to edit the contract?

You'll need either Pages (Mac) or Word (Windows) to edit and save the files. Please note that we have only tested the files with Pages and Word and cannot provide any information about OpenOffice programs.

How do I get the contract sent?

After a successful order, you will receive the download link directly via e-mail. There you can download the contract and edit it on your laptop / PC.

How can I edit the contract?

We have created a detailed video for you in which Kathi shows the adjustments step by step . We've also added comments to a file where you need to customize for your business.