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KCP Presets 2023 Final Edition

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For the preset pack you need at least Lightroom Classic 11.0 or higher and/or Adobe Photoshop 2021 or higher. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are NOT included in the package, but must already exist or be purchased separately. Use on mobile apps is only possible to a limited extent. We assume no liability for this.

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Contents of the Lightroom Bundle Pro

You can look forward to that!

Give your images that special something and present them more breathtakingly and quickly than ever before with Bundle Pro!

This impressive package includes the KCP SIGNATURE PRESETS COLLECTION 2023 , the KCP KI LIGHTROOM PRESET-MASKS and the KCP INSTA TEMPLATES . With this comprehensive set of tools, you'll edit your images faster and better than ever before and make your Instagram posts real eye-catchers. Your customers and followers will be thrilled!

Experience an unparalleled range of beautiful color looks and refine every detail of your images with the help of our complex masks . With this pack you can quickly and easily blur skin , retouch dark circles , balance highlights , adjust surroundings and more - all in one package for easy , intuitive and amazing image editing .

Get the applause you deserve now. Create amazing collages for your Instagram feed more easily than ever before and post your creations directly from your computer.

Lightroom Bundle Pro

Which packages are included?

KCP Signature Master Preset Collection 2024



An unbeatable team




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Fast, easy and incredibly good

With more than 13 years of experience in image editing and another 6 years of test editing by numerous photographers, we are proud that our looks are optimized for almost every camera . Our AI masks make it easier for you to edit even complex images and are suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

With the KCP Insta Templates your Instagram feed becomes a real eye-catcher and all without any external programs.

Our video import instructions and detailed application video make it as easy as possible for you to work with our presets. You will quickly and effortlessly learn how to give your images a beautiful and individual look.

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If you are still unsure, we always offer you the option of sending up to 5 RAW or JPG files, which we will then process with these presets/masks. We will then send you a non-binding video insight in which you can see exactly how your images are processed. If you are interested, please send us the files either via WeTransfer or via Dropbox to support@kathiundchris.de . Please indicate which package you are interested in. As a rule, you will receive your personal insight at very short notice.

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Your most frequently asked questions


Which Lightroom version do I need for the Lightroom Bundle pro?

You will receive full functionality of the bundle from Lightroom Classic Version 12.0 , which is also required for the KCP KI Lightroom Preset Masks package.

Lightroom Classic version 11.0 or higher is required for the Signature Preset Collection 2023.

With the Insta templates, however, you can also use older Lightroom versions.

How do I install Lightroom Bundle Pro?

Installation is easy and requires just a few clicks . Each package contains an installation video that shows you step by step how to carry out the installation quickly and easily.

Does it matter which camera I use?

Our presets are compatible with all common camera models . However, it is important that you use the latest Lightroom Classic update , especially with very new camera models, otherwise your camera may not be supported.

Is the bundle also suitable if I only take photos in JPG?

Yes, you can also use the bundle with JPG images . However, you should know that using RAW files usually produces better results . RAW files contain more image data and therefore offer more scope for adjustments in image processing.

Is the bundle also suitable for beginners?

No matter whether you are a beginner , advanced or professional , you will achieve professional results easily and quickly with this bundle.

Is the bundle only suitable for wedding pictures?

No matter whether you're taking portraits, family photos or baby photos, the Lightroom Bundle Pro makes it easier for you to edit and present your images regardless of the subject .

Lightroom Bundle Pro

Before, afterwards

Preset Hochzeitsfotografie Lightroom Classic Vorher Nachher Mallorca Toskana Hochzeit


Preset Hochzeitsfotografie Lightroom Classic Vorher Nachher Mallorca Toskana Hochzeit


Preset Hochzeitsfotografie Lightroom Classic Vorher Nachher Mallorca Toskana Hochzeit


Preset Hochzeitsfotografie Lightroom Classic Vorher Nachher Mallorca Toskana Hochzeit